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This is part of my wish list (other things may be added along the way!). I don't have a lot to spend, but know that I will give these items a good home! Also, I am open to trades! Let me know if you want to trade! (I would prefer USA traders.)
I am open to trading anything I have for sale:

Thank you!

1) Code Geass DVD Miraculous Birthday- ONLY with English subtitles!

4) photo of C.C. and Lelouch (pictures of 3 and 4 here:

5) Code Geass doujinshi by Ashes to Ashes/Cras Sola that I don't have

6) Code Geass postcards/clear files by Cras Sola and Reflection.

7) Code Geass doujinshi novels by Archaeopteryx

8) old polly pockets, preferably with "real" hair; compact/playset w/all figures; from odor free environment.

EDITED on 12-26-16

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